10 years of the observatory and 20 years of DAUP Orion were marked

With a gathering and a program on the plateau near the NOB monument on Glavica, on Thursday evening, two valuable anniversaries related to the DAUP Orion society were marked - the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the society, which began its work in 1999, and the tenth anniversary of the Makarska Observatory, a unique project that came to life thanks to their efforts

The President of DAUP Orion Gloryan Grabner at the very introduction greeted all the gathered and guests, among whom was Drago Sertić, the founder of Star Village Mosor, there were representatives of the Polaris association from Split, representatives of SABA from Makarska, as well as other citizens.

In addition to socializing and a reception, this was also an opportunity for the members and friends of the DAUP Orion society to remember how the whole story started two decades ago.

We were told many times that something is impossible and that something cannot be done. This observatory actually best says that everything is actually possible, and that nothing is impossible if you have the will and desire.

  • Gloryan Grabner

The founder of Star Village Mosor did not hide his enthusiasm for the Makarska Observatory.

You really don't find this anywhere, such a nice combination of a monument and an observatory, just 50 meters from the waterfront. We worked on a project 20 km from the city and it was a pain, and I can imagine what it took for this project to come to life.

  • Drago Sertić