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Discover the wonders of the universe from our unique location in the heart of Makarska, welcome to Makarska Observatory.

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Unique scientific and tourist experience

Makarska observatory and Astro-park form a unique scientific and tourist component of Makarska. Apart from being the youngest observatory in the Republic of Croatia, it is unique for several more reasons: it was built on an existing monument, it is located in the town center on a small hill, 50 m from the waterfront and the town beach, and in comparison with other observatories on the Adriatic, it is closest to the sea.
The Makarska observatory was implemented in the memorial center of the World War II, built in 1974 in honor of all fallen soldiers from Makarska and the Makarska Riviera. It is the work of the famous architect Matija Salaj, one of the architect pioneers in terms of tourism on our coast.

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What we offer

Our observatory provides a wide set of services for every visitor

Educational courses

Join our educational courses to discover more about astronomy

Children classes

We offer a variety of astronomy activities for children of any age

Informational services

Our team also offers a variety of online and offline informational services

Astro Park

Play and Learn

Astro Park Makarska is a playground with a unique feature - a built-in scaled solar system. Kids can play and learn about the universe with fun activities, guided tours, and educational displays. It's a great destination for families and school groups.


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Latest news

Cover Image for 11th Space Days

11th Space Days

Great audience interest in the 11th Space Days at the Makarska Observatory

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Cover Image for 16th Winter Astro School

16th Winter Astro School

At the Makarska Observatory on January 6th and 7th, 2023, 29 children from Makarska learned about planetary nebulae from our young lecturers Luciana Grabner and Dorian Grubišić, while Observatory director Prof. Gloryan Grabner treated them to a journey through space on the Artemis I rocket and telescope on an exceptionally clear night on the first day.

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Cover Image for Visit of the President of the Republic of Croatia

Visit of the President of the Republic of Croatia

Zoran Milanović visited the Orion Observatory in Makarska. He climbed a ladder to look through the telescope and seemed quite impressed, also using the glasses that he received instructions for from Kristian Grabner.

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