About us

Our history

  • First visit

    When we first arrived at the Monument tower in 2003, it had been without power for six years, and was being used as a gathering place and toilet for drug addicts, full of syringes and excrement - an image unworthy of a human being.

  • Renovation

    After two and a half years of dedicated efforts, the space was refurbished and the Makarska Observatory was inaugurated on July 25th, 2009. Two young children, Lucija (18 months old) and Luciana (15 months old), had the honor of opening the facility, which was designed with children in mind

  • Completing projects

    The EU Children's Astro-Park project was born as a natural extension of the previously successful Observatory project. Since its inauguration a year ago, the Observatory has welcomed over 2,000 schoolchildren from all corners of Croatia who have participated in its programs

  • Astro-park

    The EU Children's Astro-Park aims to inspire children to participate in the scientific programs offered by the Observatory through fun and engaging activities. By providing a playful and interactive environment, the Astro-Park will also offer non-intrusive education about the basic facts of the Solar System, fostering children's natural curiosity and enthusiasm for science